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Ceftriaxone and Sulbactam for Injection are prescribed for infections caused by Ceftriaxone sodium-sensitive pathogens. It may be used in Meningitis, Sepsis, Pneumonia, Uncomplicated Gonorrhea., Abdominal Infections (e.g. Peritonitis, Biliary Tract Infection), and infections of the Bones, Soft tissue, Joints, Skin, Renal, Urinary Tract, Respiratory Tract, Ear, Nose, and Throat.

Ceftriaxone and Sulbactam for Injection are composed of two medications: Ceftriaxone & Sulbactam. Ceftriaxone is a cephalosporin antibiotic that has bactericidal action (it kills bacteria). It prevents the formation of the outer cell wall, which is essential for bacteria to survive by preventing protein synthesis. Sulbactam is a beta-lactamase inhibitor that inhibits the action of beta-lactamase, which is an enzyme that can destroy Ceftriaxone.

This injection belongs to a class of medications called antibiotics and should be used as prescribed by the physician. Do not self-administer this injection unless directed by the physician. In addition, an individual should read the official guidelines issued by the authorities to ensure the proper use of this medication. Aside from that, this injection may not be apt for use in certain conditions. Thus, narrate your medical history to the doctor.

Precautions for Ceftriaxone and Sulbactam for Injection

This injection is contradicted in patients with known allergies to Cephalosporin antibiotics. If you are allergic to Ceftriaxone, Sulbactam, or any of its ingredients, avoid using this medication. In addition, an individual patient should not abruptly discontinue the treatment course without consulting the healthcare provider. All above the fact, if you have a renal or hepatic impairment, inform your doctor before commencing treatment with this injection. Further, you can consider taking the below-listed measures to be on the safe side.

Measures to Take:-

  1. Consider taking Ceftriaxone and Sulbactam for Injection with food/meal/snacks to avoid an upset stomach. During the treatment course, you may experience diarrhea as a side effect that doesn’t require medical attention. You can take probiotics in this case. However, if your notice abdominal cramps or bloody stools, inform your healthcare provider.
  2. The use of this injection is not recommended in pregnant women unless necessary. Also, it is not recommended for the breastfeeding mother. Consult your doctor before using it in these conditions.
  3. Evade driving vehicles, operating heavy machinery, or performing activities that require speed of psychomotor reactions as this medication may cause sleepiness or dizziness.
  4. Discontinue taking Ceftriaxone and Sulbactam for Injection if your body develops an itchy rash, swelling of the face, tongue, or throat, or breathing difficulties. Consult your healthcare provider regarding the same.
  5. Do not self administer Ceftriaxone and Sulbactam for Injection, a healthcare professional will give this injection to you, either by the intravenous route or intramuscularly. However, if you are administering this injection at home, read all the guidelines and instructions before using it.

Possible Side effects

During the treatment course with Ceftriaxone and Sulbactam for Injection, an individual patient may experience mild to moderate side effects. In general, those side effects go away on the completion of the treatment. However, if you face any persistent problem or rare side effects, inform your healthcare provider.

Most Common Side effects:-

  • Rash,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Allergic reaction,
  • Increased liver enzymes, etc.
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