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METHYLCOBALAMIN 1500MCG + BENZYL ALCOHOL 2%WV + WATER FOR INJ Q.S – Delivered by the brand name MECOSTAY-1500, this injection helps the user to meet the nutritional deficiencies. It is a perfect combination of medications namely methylcobalamin, benzyl alcohol, and water that is helpful in meeting the human body’s nutritional deficiencies. It is recommended for those patients who are unable to meet the daily micronutrients requirements from the regular food and they need an immediate supply of nutrition. It absorbs quickly and allows the user to fulfill their nutritional needs.

How Methylcobalamin 1500mcg + Benzyl Alcohol 2%wv + Water for Inj q.s Works

This injection is recommended as the first line of treatment for the parents who want to fulfill their daily nutritional requirements. It comes with the goodness of two of the most biologically available compounds namely Methylcobalamin and Benzyl Alcohol.

Methylcobalamin helps in meeting the vitamin B12 deficiency. It plays a key role in the optimum working of the brain and the nerves as well. Further, it also aids in the generation of RBC (Red Blood Cells) and is recommended to patients suffering from conditions like pernicious anemia, diabetes, etc. Further, it helps to restore the vitamin B12 level inside the human body thereby helping in treating nerve issues.

General Safety Advice

Being one of the most commonly recommended injections available in the market, Methylcobalamin 1500mcg + Benzyl Alcohol 2%wv + Water for Inj q.s, need to be used carefully keeping in mind the following conditions:

Alcohol: Alcohol of any kind such as wine, beer, vodka, etc. is strictly prohibited alongside using this injection. As alcohol consumption can negatively impact the medicine absorption and can make the nutrition absorption difficult as well.

Dizziness: There is no conclusive evidence that depicts that using Methylcobalamin 1500mcg + Benzyl Alcohol 2%wv + Water for Inj q.s will cause dizziness or sleepiness. But to remain on the safe side, avoid any work that involves concentration like driving or operating a machine after ingesting this injection.

Kidney, Liver, and Blood Pressure: It is advised by the doctors to keep on monitoring your liver health, kidney functioning, and blood pressure. There is limited data that shows that Methylcobalamin 1500mcg + Benzyl Alcohol 2%wv + Water for Inj q.s can negatively impact the liver and kidney health. But always consult a doctor before using this injection.

Quick Tips for Optimum MECOSTAY-1500 Usage

Keep in mind the following instructions if you want to get the most from this medicine:

  1. You are advised to use Methylcobalamin 1500mcg + Benzyl Alcohol 2%wv + Water for Inj q.s because you have nutritional deficiencies. Do not use it to treat and cure any other health issue.
  2. Do not self administer the injection. Always use this injection under the supervision of a healthcare expert.
  3. Make sure to clan the area properly before instilling the injection.
  4. In case, you face issues like application site reactions, burning, redness, swelling or irritation, then talk to your healthcare expert to get medical attention.
  5. Keep the dosage as recommended by your doctor and never exceed the recommended dosage.
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