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Itraconazole 200mg Tablet – An azole antifungal medication, Itraconazole is used to treat several fungal infections that can spread throughout the body. A division of a class of drugs called Triazoles, this medication is used to treat specific fungal infections of fingernails and toenails. It comes with the name ITRASTEN-200 at the Best Manufacturer and Supplier in India, Stensa Lifesciences.

The usual work of the Itraconazole Tablet is to block out the growth of the fungus or yeast in the body and kill it. As it belongs to the modern highly effective systematic antifungal medicines, it becomes a preferred therapy option for fungal infections with a high potency of curing the infection at a rapid rate.

Do not take Itraconazole Tablet in order to treat fungal infection of the mouth or throat as it can be treated with Itraconazole Oral Solution only. It is recommended to take one Itraconazole Tablet in a day with a full meal. Even if the symptoms seem to disappear after a few days, do not stop this medication without taking advice from the doctor as stopping the medication in the middle of the course may cause the reoccurrence of the symptoms.

Inform the doctor about the current intake of other medicines like over-the-counter medications, natural supplements, vitamins, and herbal products as it might not be safe to use certain medications with Itraconazole at the same time. A person who has ever had kidney disease, liver disease, heart failure, lungs problems, weak immune system, etc., should first check with the doctor before taking this medication.

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