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Itraconazole Capsules – Itraconazole is an antibiotic medicine that belongs to the family of drugs called azole antifungals. It is used to treat fungal or yeast infections that can take their place throughout the body including lungs, fingernails, toenails, throat, or mouth. It slows down the growth of fungi in the body that causes infection. It is available at the dosage of 1oomg by the name ITRASTEN-100 at Stensa Lifesciences.

Who Cannot Imbibe Itraconazole Capsules?

  • people who had unusual or allergic reactions to Itraconazole
  • people with kidney or liver disease
  • people who had heart failure
  • pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • people with fluid swelling or fluid retention
  • HIV-infected patients

Major Points to Consider While Consuming Itraconazole Capsule

  1. Take the capsule with the meal to get rid of an upset stomach.
  2. Make sure to consume the medication at the same time daily.
  3. Do not skip consuming the medicine even if the symptoms disappear.
  4. Consult the doctor if the symptoms do not disappear even after the complete course of medication.
  5. Carefully read the instructions written on the leaflet. Talk with the doctor or pharmacist for any queries.
  6. As the dosage for every individual is different, make sure to know the correct dosage by the doctor.
  7. Inform the doctor if any unusual side effects like burning, itching, numbness, etc., take their place in the body.
  8. Do not recommend the capsule to another person even if the symptoms are the same.
  9. Avoid using Vitamins or Herbal Products with the usage of Itraconazole Capsules.
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